About Us

We're a well oiled machine of great customer service that's ALWAYS striving for perfection....Our ceo and founder Steeve K. Louissaint has always had a vision, a vision to do something great for the world. He loves to make ppl happy and he always goes above and beyond for anyone he meets. This is the JUST the start of his vision, we plan to take this business to new and unimaginable peaks with YOUR help...This is why Steeve(Steve or Stevie for the ladies) Always wants something to give to our customers. From discounts via email subscribers( which get the best deals) to a FREE item EVERY MONTH.....He also makes sure to give something to our non subscribed fans as well(....This guy REALLY means business......) Please continue to follow us on FB, IG, Twitter, etc. and take participation knowing that we are here for YOU and we plan to go ALL OUT for you as well. We make your shopping experience like Awesome Sauce but better......You wont complain