About us

Good Vibrations to you all We are the Igotchu Team and it's our pleasure to give you an introduction to the soon to be most positively talked about business WORLDWIDE....Normally whenever there's an about us to do the head guy has his team do the work for them then if they like it they sign it off and BOOM! Jobs done BUT this was a bit different...Our founder walked into the office and brought in for a mandatory meeting by the words of " Get your asses in here we've got big things to talk about".... during the meeting he hands me a sheet of paper and says" put this in with what you write in the "about us" section of the website....dont findangle with this either...this is the concience of the company...in a sense this means more to me than the actual store because it entails where we're coming from as a whole and i want them to get it from the jump start....Oh and by the way i want you all to put some insight on this and i mean EVERYONE....so get it together". When it came to this not only our founder Steeve(steve) Louissaint but we took considerable time to get this together.....First from our founder...." What Originally inspired this site was of course to make my families life better But i needed a bigger drive than that....Then it occured to me, i could use this as an oppurtunity....One to help ppl....i would love to help provide a service to someone, get paid for it and do some more helping by reinvesting the capital then from that double if not triple up and go feed,dress,provide shelter and build them to where they would never find themselves in the situation that they're in currently.....But i want the business to be fun....I'm pretty random so i want it to be a bit like my personality....serious but with a lot more fun than seriousness......i want the customer to feel like this would be worth coming back to and keep doing business with.....i want my customers to get rewards too, nothing says " Thanks we really appreciate you" like discounts BUT i never was moved by that term.... but i like the word awesome and LOVE the phrase awesome sauce....hmmmm........I'VE GOT IT!!! I'll give my customers %'s of awesome sauce instead of taking " off " the full price( mentally it works with me as well...lol)....So to you i say if you like someone who thinks of you day in and out, who truly wants to provide you great service and so much awesome sauce you'll drown in the bliss.....igotchu.net is that place....no matter what it is, from fashion, pets, Gadgets, phone cases, fitness, apparrell, kids/babies, jewelry/accessories, holiday stuff, even little things regarding your home igotchu....the teams gotchu......and This IS Igotchu.net.....".....Now from us here at the igotchu team....." We LOVE our founders mindset and we feel just like he does.....we hate to be ripped off...going to website after website just for one thing.....we also werent too thrilled about stores that had no discounts on much of anything....we felt just like any customer does.....Then we met Steeve....A bit of an odd one but a great man none the less....he had ideas for his vision and was adiment about a lot of things but the stuff he infasized on constantly was..." I want to give my customers so many opurtunities to save money it's rediculous. I have to budget due to my huge family and im sure im not the only one, even if they dont have a big family or a family at all i want people SAVING when they get to us.....But make sure to keep it fun. I LOVE  fun.....and whenever we have messages i dont want it all super professionally BORING....make it interesting to read...make the customer WANT to read what we have to say, slide some slang in that piece if you have to but the one thing i want our customers to know is that We're Human Just Like They are"...So now here we are...Giving you great products by you're demands.....we build from what you say, we add what you request....whatever it is if you want it we'll make sure to find it and at a good pricing.....Subscribers to our email listers get the WAAAAY more deal opurtunities...Sorry folks.... but we do take Great care of our loyal customers(.... wait.....why'd we just apologize....smh lollol) Propmise we'll do way more than earn you're business we'll earn you're loyalty and trust which is more important to us because common sense lets us know that an untrustworthy business leads to bad ventures and we dont like bad....Thanks for reading about us and again Please spread the word about us and dont forget to play our games we have available, subscribe to our emailers list and Keep your life like Awesome Sauce But Beter, No complaints loll.

Best Regards;

    Igotchu.net Team